Quantified TonesNotes on gear, mostly for self-edification.


  • Cuckos Reaper: The most versatile and customizable DAW.
  • Csound: If it can't be done in Csound it can't be done.
  • Tabledit: The long-lived French tab editor. I've used it constantly since last millennium.



Computer. Soundcard. 90s. Gaming. FM.

HG Fortune

Expansive. Space. Clean. Serendipity. Pioneer.


Nostalgic. Chiptune. 8-bit. Games. Cheap.


Unique. Experimental. Abrasive. Chaotic. Organic.


Alesis Fusion

2000s. Versatile. Hollow Sun Sounds.

  • Alesis Fusion Forum: All kinds of info on this absurdly versatile yet sadly overlooked synth.
  • Fix for MIDI garbage transmit issue: Press Global Button, navigate to MIDI, turn off sends and receives for Sequence control and MIDI timecode.

E-Mu Proteus

1990s. SciFi. Metroid Prime. X-Files.

Yamaha DX7

1980s. Hit records. Twin Peaks.